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The Importance of Good Delegate Engagement

Delegate engagement is a phrase you’ll hear us often refer to. Typically delegate engagement is focused around the day of the event. Whether it’s creating a unique networking bar at a conference or a self-select agenda at a workshop event, delegate engagement is an important part of an event manager’s job to ensure delegate satisfaction.

Good delegate engagement starts much earlier than the day of the event. At Mitingu, it begins before you've even publicised your event. It’s a mix of creating the right first impression with a branded, easy to use event website, creating highly personalized emails and having access to a number of data points that enable you to understand delegate behaviour and increase ticket registration.

We understand that analysing analytics can be an overwhelming task or requires a specific skill set. Mitingu integrates with Google analytics, social analytics, as well as enabling the creation of email templates and tracking. We pull all the important data into a single dashboard to give a complete overview so you can quickly see what’s working and what’s not working. Using the platform, you can simply make an edit to your event site copy or an image, or perhaps change questions in the registration process or even send an email to delegates who aren’t attending to find out why.

Good delegate engagement ahead of an event creates a chain reaction. Positive sentiment shared by one delegate to their network can quickly become ticket sales. Mitingu’s features enable good delegate engagement to begin long before the day of the event.

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