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Charge for add-ons at your events

We realise building a great event registration and comms platform isn't about what we think are great features, the most important opinions come from our current and prospective users.

You talk and we most definitely listen.

We've had a number of requests to be able to charge for extras at an event at the same time as registering to attend. Some examples of this include accommodation, gala dinners, breakout seminars and merchandise. We wanted to separate this from the actual registration cost, so we came up with the idea of allowing the organiser to set up a question in the registration form that could have a price attached to it. If selected by the attendee, then that price (including tax if applicable) would be added at the checkout stage.

We wanted to do it this way as it avoids having a long list of registration options to cover all the different permutations if things like gala dinners and break out seminars are part of the event.

Contact us anytime if you'd like us to talk you through this or any other feature. You can also find out more here.

We hope you like it. There's more exciting enhancements and integrations coming soon.