New in Mitingu - Product update July 2015

Event Surveys

We’ve been working hard to make Mitingu even easier for you to use. July sees the introduction of event surveys and enhancements to the WYSIWYG editor for event sites and emails.

Getting valuable feedback from your attendees to help you deliver an even greater event experience is now possible with Mitingu via our new survey tool.

Build intelligent surveys around the attendee, make them quick and easy to respond to and automatically collect and store the responses.

See responses via the survey dashboard and download the survey report for detailed analysis and segmentation.

WYSIWYG editor - image upload

Images can now be uploaded directly into the email or event site content via the editor. Drag and drop your files or choose a file from your computer. Add a link to a URL, resize and reposition it.

wysiwyg editor - file upload

Documents can also be uploaded directly into the editor, which will be accessed by the user as a link to preview/download

wysiwyg editor - scheduled emails

The scheduled email editor has one additional enhancement, file attachments. It's now possible to add documents as attachments as well as links. 

wysiwtg editor - shortcuts

Quickly adding personalised fields such as firstnames, event names and venues is now possible without manually entering the tag for that field. We've added a shortcuts icon onto the editor which lets you add a personalised field or link at the click of a button.

We hope that these help to make your events an even bigger success!