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Behind every great person...

I have faults and have made plenty of mistakes so far. My one saving grace is that I have learned from them and will continue to do so.

Building a start up from scratch with no funding, limited budgets, but bags of enthusiasm is hard work. It's at both ends of the spectrum, the hardest you'll ever work, but also the most rewarding.

Long days, nights and weekends are par for the course. Sacrifices both financially and personally (certainly in the early days) are a given. Reading this makes it sound pretty unappealing! It's not.

There are loads of ingredients to making a business successful, but you can't do it without the support from those nearest and dearest to you. The belief and encouragement you get from them can be the biggest driver of all.

I am lucky to have a beautiful wife who is and has always been my biggest fan and source of inspiration. I am not understating it when I say she has been through the mill with me.

The reason for writing this? Never forget that, when you are never giving up (quitting isn't an option), you couldn't do it without your biggest fan.

I look at my kids and they remind me why I am doing it with those cute little smiles and cuddles. I look at my wife and she tells me how far we have come and reminds me of the important things in life.

Love your start up and love your biggest fan.

Thank you Katherine. X