6 New Ideas on How to Engage Attendees on Your Next Event

Event marketing is a seriously powerful tool for all marketers. Various reports estimate that Millennials will account for 75% of the UK workforce in ten years and that they will spend around half a million pounds on live events. As you can see, events are a quite a thing nowadays and they will only become more popular in future. But, what is a number one priority of events? Well, one of the most important aspects of events is the engagement. It’s really important to keep your attendees engaged. And people are always looking for new ways to keep the folks engaged at an event. So, let’s take a look at fresh 8 ideas that deal with engagement.

Social photo booths

Do you know what a social photo booth is? Well, have one at your event and you will see tons of photos appear online and they all ‘advertise’ your event. Social photo booths allow attendees to take photos, videos and even create GIFs. They can share those photos on their social media accounts. However, the stuff they share will be branded. And guess whose brand that will be?

Modernise everything

In the world of marketing, it’s all about standing out from the rest. One way to stand out is to do things differently than the competition. Forget the old ways and invest in event software. There is specialised software nowadays that will not only make life easier for you but it will also amaze your attendees. There are apps that provide you with most of the dull work such as sending out invites, messages and even providing analytics. You will look more professional and your attendees will see something they never saw before. In turn, that will make them want to see more. It combines beautiful and useful.

Comparison wall

By introducing comparison wall at your events, you will find out what your attendees deem to be important. These walls can be used for anything and everything. They can be used for your attendees to have fun so this could also count as a corporate event entertainment idea but you can also be a bit sly and elicit important info from the attendees. Say that you want to figure out what their event must-haves are. Just put messaging style clouds and start each one with ‘My ideal event must have…’ This is a great way to find out what your event lacks and what you might have even overlooked.


Would you be open to the idea of starting a campfire at your event? Don’t worry, it’s not literally a campfire. Look, the times of speakers and rooms full of people listening to one person all the time have passed. You have to invest in new speaking formats to spice things up. For example, a campfire session is a good idea. These are led by a facilitator who runs the discussion with one or more experts. Each session should last somewhere around 30 minutes. These sessions feel more real and they are more engaging.

Live performance

Playing people’s favourite tunes over the speakers is okay. However, having a band fire things up brings your event to a whole another level. These live performances provide your attendees with a chance to jive to the music and enjoy the atmosphere. With live performances, the atmosphere is always great and more authentic. Especially when compared to YouTube over speakers and ads constantly interrupting playlists. When you get your attendees immersed in a throwback to their favourite songs, their energy will stay high and you will keep them engaged for longer periods of time.

Fun contests

People are competitive by nature. So, a little bit of friendly competition can light up the atmosphere quickly. Your event will be electrified if you introduce fun competitions like scavenger hunts or pub quizzes. Make the competition about your event’s theme. However, you have to make sure it isn’t boring. It isn’t all strictly business. Contest should be fun but you should also remember that the aim here is to promote your brand. On top of that, there are awesome apps out there that let attendees answer questions from their smart devices and they also get to see their answers on screen in real time. Impressive, right?


 You have to keep things fresh if you want to be better than the rest. Always look for innovative ways to boost your events. Remember that your rivals won’t sleep on all the novelties in the world of event marketing. Make sure that you don’t fall asleep too. So, go over these ideas once again and give them a go as soon as an opportunity arises. You won’t regret it and your attendees will appreciate your effort.