Because everyone needs to be loved

I thought I’d share a recent customer service experience that I had and a separate one that my partner had.

I’m a member of a health club and regularly use the gym now I’m north of 40! My family are also members there so we pay a fair old chunk to them every month. I walked in recently and there were three members of staff talking amongst themselves in front of the reception desk. No problem there, it’s important to get along with your colleagues. However, not one of them said hi, all I got was a quick glance. It made me feel pretty insignificant and not really valued as a member. It also made me think that if there were another gym in the area to the same standard then I would have moved to it. However, there isn’t so I just have to lump it this time! They delivered disappointment.

My wife recently went into a well known global retailer and had the complete opposite experience. They qualified if she was just browsing or needed some assistance. When she told them she’d like some assistance they took her to one side, went through the range, bought her a glass of bubbly and helped with fitting and choosing the right items. She spent some well earned money in there and left feeling a million dollars! They delivered happiness.

It’s pretty simple, everyone needs to be loved. It’s not just about getting people’s money, it’s about giving them a great experience which delivers value for that money, recognition and happiness.

We want our customers to feel loved and we’ll make it our mission to achieve that.

Have a great day and go make someone happy!