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Event Marketing

Proud to be different

What makes mitingu different?

There is a huge selection of event registration systems out there so it’s a perfectly valid question. We’ve done our homework we know who the main players are and we know there are already excellent platforms out there, but we believe mitingu offers something different, something that helps event organisers get real value from attendee data, generate interest and ultimately, drive sales...

We’ve picked out the top four things that make us different…

1.      Happy customers – Great customer service, We live and breathe it. Our passion is to help our clients deliver great events and the registration and communications process is critical to that. We have a fully loaded support site, but we’ll go much further than that. We make it our business help wherever we can. 

”Greg is clearly a man passionate about the business he has created as well as the experience of customers who use his product. I organised an event using mitingu and received an unsolicited (but most welcome) email from Greg suggesting changes that would make the event registration on my website more user friendly. He even offered to talk me through how to make the changes. Now THAT is good customer service. Thanks Greg”

2.    Data is gold - we recognise that collecting, storing and using data is key tool to driving more sales through personalised messages, business proposals etc. The more you know about someone, the more likely you are to hit one of their touch points, build a relationship and ultimately do business with them. Our intelligent forms display relevant questions to the attendee and hide others that are not, tag an attendee based on how they respond and use this information to tailor follow up communications before, during and after the event. Our CRM system securely stores all contact information, across all events.

”Simple and intelligent platform, the auto-tagging feature allows us to get the right information to specific attendees with great ease.” LUSH

3.      Connected to your brand - whilst we are obviously more than happy for you to display our logo and url on your event site, we appreciate that most businesses will want attendees to see their branding, not ours. This is why all our Pro and White Label accounts have this option as standard. Create event sites and emails with your design and branding and url, ensuing your attendees are connecting with your brand.

4.        Simplicity - there are lots of pieces of software out there that are crammed with features that most of us will never use. mitingu has some great features that enables event organisers create simple or comprehensive event sites. The key to it is making it as simple as possible to use. This is key for our business and constantly evolving, we work hard to ensure our site doesn’t get ‘too busy’ or complicated. Our User Experience (UX) is hugely important to us, We listen! Research and customer feedback helps us make our platform even better.

I could easily go on and on with other reasons, but we like action, so why don’t you put us to the test? Create a mitingu account and make your events fly, we’ll be with you all the way.