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Beautiful designs for your event sites, emails and registration forms


Use one of our ready made themes, or create your own

Use one of Mitingu's free customisable themes for your event pages and emails, create your own, or we can design one for you. Stay on brand and deliver a consistent message across all your events.


Dynamically personalised to each attendee

Keep your event websites relevant to your attendees by displaying content or adjusting the design based on what you know about them. Use our easy way of tagging groups of contacts and segment them to target specific attendees such as VIPs.

Your branding

It's your event, so your event website and emails feature your brand and identity.

No ugly badges

We don't insist on any ugly badges or "powered by" statements. Simply your design and message.

Hosting included

Your events are securely hosted by us. Our two UK datacentres are both ISO27001 and PCI DSS certified.


Restrictions to predefined layouts for your event websites are a thing of the past with Mitingu. We offer full HTML/CSS editing so you can easily create beautifully designed event websites, registration forms and emails that reflect your identify, directly on our platform.

Easy and established template language

Use the same great template language that was developed for Shopify and now commonly used across the web. Not only is it easy to use, there is a great community of designers and developers ready to help.