We’re sure you have lots of questions to ask us and we’re always happy to answer them. Here are some questions we get regularly asked with our responses to them.


+ Do you offer monthly or annual pricing options?

Yes, we can offer a monthly or annual subscription based on your required usage levels.

+ Do you offer the ability to customise layout and questions based on the registrant type?

Yes, questions can be set to appear based on the registrant type or other demographics linked to the registrant.

+ Is there an option to customise tickets?

Yes, the ticket template can be customised to reflect your branding and include QR codes if required.

+ Is it possible for the registrant to select different dates for a multi-day event and avoid having 1 ticket per day?

This can be done via the registration options on the event site or by using a question on the registration form. Depending on how they answer the question on the form, only the relevant subsequent questions will be displayed.

+ Do you have integrated payment processing?

Yes, we have built in integrations globally with Stripe and PayPal. We also integrate with PayWay in Australia. Our API allows us to integrate with other payment processors.

+ Are your templates mobile responsive?

All our web and email templates are fully responsive and have been tested across the major desktop and mobile browsers and email clients.

+ Is it possible to set-up different types of profiles depending on ticket or type of participant (employee, client, press, VIP, etc.)

Yes, this is possible and includes the ability for a ticket type to have its own allocation or be taken from the main ticket type's allocation. Ticket types set for specific profiles can also be set to only display to registrants with that profile.

+ Can we see who has started registering but hasn't finished?

Mitingu collects information on all incomplete registrations. If the incomplete registration has an email address collected there is a function to send out an email to incomplete registrants encouraging them to complete registration with a link that takes them to their saved, partially completed form.

+ Is it possible to send out emails and reminders to registered attendees based on registrant type?

Yes, we have email scheduling with built in filters so personalised emails can be sent to different categories.

+ Can multiple users access the system simultaneously?

Yes, we have clients with multiple concurrent users.

+ Can I create a waitlist for each registration type and manually select attendees to invite when spaces become available?

We have a waitlist function that can be enabled for some or all registration types. The event manager can choose which people on the waitlist they want to invite and send invitation emails from the platform to them. The event manager can also set a time limit for them to respond at which point the place once more becomes available.

+ Is there a custom report builder?

Yes, there is a custom report builder that allows you to build event reports based on attendee status, demographics, their allocated category tags etc. Csutom reports can be based on individuals or groups.

+ Do you have a mobile check-in app?

Yes, we have an app called Greetdesk that allows check-in via seach and click or by scanning a QR code. We can also offer facial recognition as a check-in option.

+ What type of support is available and hours offered?

Online, email and phone support is provided. We also have an online knowledge base which all users can access with How Tos and FAQs. The online support system is a tracked and monitored ticketing system. Online support is available 24/7.

+ Is it possible to offer time slots with a selected amount of tickets available, such as breakout sessions?

Mitingu has a session function with each session having their own allocation. Sessions can be restricted based on filters and can be hidden once they are fully booked.

+ Are additional features such as hotel and flight booking available?

We have an optional widget for hotel and flight booking and hire car which can be shown on the event site, thank you page etc. We also have an accommodation function for pre-booked hotels and rooms which manages allocation with links to information on each hotel.