If you're an event management agency

We understand that you're in the business of delivering events for your clients that give their delegates a great experience and give them outstanding value and a measurable return on the investment they've made.

A big part of that process is the technology.

You can have your own branded platform that let's you set up customised event sites which include delegate registration and engagement. No need to start from scratch every time, worry about data collection, storage and security and no need to organise web hosting...we've got all that covered.

With your own platform you can set up each client with their own account, keep their contacts in one place, create multiple events and manage the whole delegate registration and engagement process.

Will there be any Mitingu branding?

None at all. It's your platform with your branding. We don't want to confuse delegates or dilute your brand by placing our our logos anywhere, no matter how small we make them.

Can we use our own domain names?

Yes, absolutely. You choose the domain name you want to use for your platform. You can also use custom domain names for your clients' event sites too.

How much does it cost?

There is a set up and configuration charge, then a monthly payment. If you know how many events per year you run and want the option to create adhoc smaller events such as internal sales meetings from time to time then this is the perfect option. It allows you to accurately budget and split the overall costs over monthly payments.