If you're an events team in a company

We appreciate it can take a lot of time and effort getting invites out, tracking who's accepted, who's declined and who's not even responded! Then you've got to gather all the information and organise sending out reminders, liaising with the venue about dietary requirements, accommodation etc. We want to make it easier for you and for the person responding.

You could have your own branded platform to create delegate registration sites for events such as conferences, workshops, seminars and meetings. You can create a site, invite attendees and start taking registrations in minutes. Alternatively, if you need a complete event site with multiple pages which includes the registration process then you can do that too.

Everything carries your brand, including the admin area, the event site and any email communications sent from the platform.

If you have multiple locations with event managers in each then that's no problem. Each location can have its own login and create their own events. There's a high level overview for the super admin user which gives them the full picture of who's doing what and how events are performing.

How easy is it to get going?

It's a doddle! We'll set up your platform, take care of all the configuration and then give it to you to get started.

What features do we get?

You get everything! That also includes any additional features that are released.

What IT investment do we have to make?

None! It's a cloud based system. We take care of the hosting, back ups and security (our UK based hosting service is ISO27001 certified and trusted by corporates, banks and the government).

How much does it cost?

There is a set up and configuration charge, then a monthly payment. If you know how many events per year you run and want the option to create adhoc smaller events such as internal sales meetings from time to time then this is the perfect option. It allows you to accurately budget and split the overall costs over monthly payments.