If you're a venue

It's a competitive market place and anything that gives your venue the edge could be the difference when an event organiser has to decide which venue to use.

Offering a delegate registration and engagement platform as part of the package could make the decision easier to make.

How would it work?

An event organiser who books your venue would be given access to your branded platform where they could create simple or multi page event registration sites. The same platform would handle all event communications from invitations to reminders. On the day of the event, the same platform can handle check-ins in a pain free way for the delegate (via our Check-in App). All attendee data is collected and can be used by the client for ongoing marketing or future events they are planning.

Can it integrate with our  venue management software?

We have a nice friendly API, so as long as the application you have does too then the answer is yes. Our technical team would liaise with yours to go through the requirements and agree a sensible way forward.

Does this involve a large investment in IT equipment and services?

No, it's a cloud based platform and we take care of the hosting and data security. We'll configure it for you, train you sales and technical teams and then you are ready to roll. We'll always be here to support you, so you have happy clients.

How much does it cost?

There is a set up and configuration charge, then a monthly payment. If you know how many events per year you run and want the option to add adhoc smaller events for your clients from time to time then this is the perfect option.. It allows you to accurately budget and split the overall costs over monthly payments.