Personalised communications


Create an effective event campaign

Scheduling personalised emails to reach your attendees before, during and after an event, can help boost guest satisfaction, create engaged relationships and even drive signups for your next event.

Even localise them so the attendee receives them in their preferred language.


Choose when to send

Prepare emails in advance then schedule the time and date of send and Mitingu will take care of the rest. Create and send Save the Date, Invitations, RSVPs or any other event emails.


Engage attendees with personalised emails

Use information you have previously captured about attendees to create personalised and dynamic emails to them. Mitingu’s advanced templates enable you to personalise anything from the subject line, to the copy, to the design itself.

Edit your emails

Choose a template and then add or edit your email's content using Mitingu's email editor. No HTML experience is needed!

Design your templates

Take complete control of your templates. Edit or Create multiple templates for each type of email in line with your event or corporate branding.

Target specific emails to specific contact segments

Using contact tags, display different content to different recipients. Multi layer segmentation means you can filter your event communications to keep delegates engaged and up to date with information specific to their registration and preferences.

Segmented event communications

Measure and refine

Get up to date information on your event email campaigns with information such as who has opened, clicked on a link, registered (for invitation emails) or who has not received it and why (bounce information). View onscreen or download in spreadsheet format.

Tickets and namebadges

If you use tickets and namebadges at your event and want to keep their branding in line with the event pages and emails, then no problem, Mitingu lets you do that too. Include auto generated QR codes on each ticket for scan and check-in on the day via our Greetdesk app.

Add your tickets to Apple Wallet for easy access so they can be scanned at the event.