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Intelligent Registration Sites


Create uncluttered, beautiful looking event sites

Mitingu makes it easy to create clean, crisp event pages that reflect your brand and/or event. Highlight the most important information that will help drive registrations. It takes minutes to customise your event page template and publish it. Include personalisation and language localisation for even better engagement.

Custom event sites

Fully Mobile Responsive

All our templates are mobile ready and fully responsive, so the view is great no matter where you are and what device you're using!

Responsive custom event site

Multiple registration types

Set up different registration types such as Speakers, V.I.P.s, Staff, Members etc. Create as many options as you need. If the cost to attend your event is donation based then we handle that too!

Design your own templates

Take complete control of your templates. Edit or Create templates that can be used on a per event basis or across all your events. 

Plug into your existing site

The Mitingu registration widget lets you take registrations for your event from any website. A simple line of code can be pasted onto your site and it will appear. Customise it with your colours, fonts and logo.

Manage accommodation

Hotels and rooms to manage for your delegates? Our accommodation tool lets you set room allocation per hotel which automatically adjust as delegates register or amend their registration.

Collect valuable data

Mitingu collects the attendee's responses on the event registration, decline and survey forms, then stores them in your contact database, building an ongoing profile of the attendee. 

Session management

If you run breakout sessions and workshops, Mitingu's session management is a must. Create times and allocations and view bookings via the analytics display.


Customise the registration form template for each event

The name and email address of people signing up to register for your event are collected by default. Using the registration form builder you can add questions to get more details and information about your guests.

Collect as much information as you need via text fields, dropdowns, checkboxes and radio buttons.

Use filters based on attendee tags or registration type to create a personalised form which is relevant to the attendee. For example a VIP may see a different set of questions to that of a standard guest registration.

Add your own forms template to keep your company and/or event branding consistent throughout the whole registration process.


Charge for your add-ons

Take payment for add-ons at the registration stage, avoiding the need to take them separately, saving admin time and money.

If you've got breakout seminars, accommodation, evening dinners, event merchandise and more that you'd like to charge for as part of the registration process, then it's easy to do with Mitingu.

Add the chargeable option in your event registration form and if selected, the cost will be added to the registration cost and can be paid for at checkout.


Reuse registration forms from previous events

If you build a brilliant form for an event, when you come back to organise your next event using Mitingu, you can copy across registration forms from previous events. This is great if you organise a recurring event where your questions will always be the same.

Simple payment for your attendees

Our integrations with Paypal and Stripe make it easy to take payment for event registrations quickly and safely from your attendees.

Offer flexible payment options

In addition to online payments, allow customers to pay you via cheque, bank transfer, etc and manually mark their reservation paid, when you receive payment.

incentivise and track registrations

Set up percentage based or fixed price discount codes. Incentivise event registrations and track the most successful sales channels.


Payment security you can bank on

All credit card and transaction information is protected by the same level of security used by banks: a 256-bit SSL certificate.

Intuitive auto tagging

Creating dynamic registration forms will allow you to automatically define tags that will be added to contacts based on responses to questions that you set. For example, you might ask registrants of a music event what sort of music they most like. You can use the answers to inform them of upcoming events relevant to their taste.

Intelligent tagging

Mitingu allows you to tag attendees based on their registration type in order to display or hide specific questions at the registration stage. This feature provides attendees with a unique and smooth signup process, asking them to complete only the questions most relevant to them.

Here’s an example of how you might you it: your attendee registers as a VIP you can set questions to appear for only this type of registrant. You might want VIP attendees to only be offered a deluxe room booking option or choose from different menu options. You might want to find out their reason for attending as a VIP in order to use this information when marketing VIP tickets in the future.

Social sharing

Include social sharing buttons to enable visitors to your site and attendees to share your event with their friends and followers at the click of a button.

Mitingu’s event pages will automatically create the rich metadata that allows sites like Facebook to correctly format your event when shared.

Powerful SEO

Each account has it's own Sitemap.xml that is automatically submitted to Google, Bing and Yahoo. We offer search engine-friendly markup and metadata as standard to help your events get discovered.

Your event listed everywhere

With Mitingu’s partnership with evvnt, your event can be published to over 4500 event listing sites. evvnt’s reporting will show you where your event has been listed, how many people have seen your listing and the number of clicks or interactions. To increase the coverage and reach of your event you also have the option to upgrade your evvnt listing.