Mitingu strengthens again.

With a growing demand for the Mitingu event management platform for B2B enterprise businesses around the globe, we are delighted to welcome Richard Roocroft to the team as Commercial Director.

Richard brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Mitingu that will provide significant value to new clients and the business. Moving from YUDU Media where he was Sales Director for the UK and US before taking on the role across APAC, Richard comes to Mitingu to help increase demand for the platform and support continued revenue growth.

We asked Richard about his career move:

Q: What drew you to Mitingu?

A: I was looking for a young but established B2B software business that I could make a difference in. I had met Greg, one of the Founding Partners in my previous role and when I saw what he and the team had created, and the success current clients are experiencing, I was hooked.

Q: And what in particular stood out for you with the Mitingu event management platform?

A: There are many event registration and management platforms out there but not many that have focussed on the B2B Enterprise space. And even fewer who truly understand the purpose of events, the sales cycle and how to contribute to it using events. I also agree with the team here that delegates like it too because they can self-manage their data and with that get a more personalised experience.

Q: What’s the real purpose of Mitingu?

A: To help make business events accountable.

To do that you have to have a tool that is simple to use and automates many previously manual tasks, saving significant time and money. It has to use data intelligently and be implementable anywhere in the world but controlled centrally if needed, in any language. It also has to completely respect the privacy and brand it represents as well as the delegates it talks to. We don’t think anyone else can do all of this as well as Mitingu can in this context.

Q: Why do you think Mitingu is good for the B2B events industry?

A: Having been in and around software sales for many years holding the hand of the customer, I’ve experienced so many people struggling with adoption because it’s too complicated or it’s easier to default to the old way of working. Mitingu is just so simple, attractive and yet so powerful, with real cost and time savings for the user. It’s an ideal opportunity for B2B event professionals to elevate themselves and their events into the value chain within their business and gain greater trust and credibility from their peers and customers.

Q: How do you intend to convince event professionals to adopt Mitingu?

A: We want to help event professionals buy back time and become more valuable to their business. Mitingu can help them achieve that. Surprisingly, some simple pain point questions to the customer upfront and a 15-minute remote demonstration is all it takes to convince them we have what they need. I’ve experienced this myself by sitting in on a few sessions and seeing prospective clients with initial objections become converts in minutes.

Richard can be contacted at