We're a UK based business focused on improving delegate engagement through the power of data, so we've created an event management and communications platform to do just that!

Mitingu engages with your delegates, working smartly to gather information helping you profile and gain more insight about them whilst ensuring they benefit from and are at the centre of your events.

Our advanced yet simple to use solution will change the way events are created and managed. Mitingu takes the delegate experience to the next level!

Time efficient and cost effective, Mitingu helps you achieve your desired outcomes and delivers incremental value to your on-going events and customer experience activity.

How it all started

Alas, the story of Mïtingu is not one about two friends coming together over a pint and a packet of crisps. I'm afraid we didn't sit around the roaring fire in our local, hit on the idea of creating a business together and then kick it all off the next day.

It started back in 2010. We’d both done a bit of business together. Our backgrounds were very different; a developer and a sales guy. We were both doing our own thing, but agreed that because we shared the same outlook on business it would be great to do something as a group in the future.

Fast forward to late 2013. A few more wrinkles, one or two grey hairs and one very well kept beard, and we got together again. This time we had a clear idea of what we wanted to do and how we would do it. During those three years we’d always kept in touch and had struck on the idea of creating a piece of software that would enhance the experience for everyone who organises and attends events.

You could be forgiven for asking why we'd want to start an events software business when there are already some significant players out there.

Our answer is pretty straightforward: There's always a market for a company that keeps its software simple without sacrificing great functionality and that always listens to clients.

With your help, we’ll always strive to bring you new features and refine usability of our software, as our goal has always been to give the delegate a great experience and you, as the event organiser, the achievement of all your goals for the event.

Why did we call our company Mïtingu? Mïtingu is Japanese for meeting and that's what people do at events.

Why we think we can make a difference

We've set ourselves some big objectives when it comes to delivering a powerful tool that enables event organisers to manage their events with as little stress as possible. We realise that having great software just isn't enough though.

Being there for our clients and showing them how much we appreciate them partnering with us is far more important.

We want to take the customer experience to the next level. How will we do that? Well, we think that actions speak louder than words, so try us and we'll deliver.