A powerful CRM at Mitingu's heart


Build an organised database of all your contacts

Keep all your contact information safe and securely stored in the Mitingu CRM.  Profile the database to find out more about your event attendees and use this to create events that are relevant to them or segment based on tags to create tailored event communications.

Import and export your contacts

Easily bring in your existing contacts and export new ones back out again. Choose between the portable CSV format or use the Mitingu API to automatically share and update data with your existing CRM. Export the full list or filter based on what you need to see using tags.

Engage with attendees that can and can’t make your event

Send personalised emails to your contacts based on their RSVP history to encourage future event attendance.

Segment your data with contact tagging

Easily segment your contact data by tagging them just as you would a tweet. Target email communications, event websites, registration / ticket types and questions to provide a truly personalised event experience for each attendee.

Engagement scoring

Use our engagement scoring metric to quickly and easily see the engagement of each of your contacts. The engagement score is calculated when you invite, or email contacts about an event and how they engage. A traffic light icon quickly indicates your most engaged attendees as well as those that you may need to spend some more time on by creating further personalised communications.

Intelligent auto tagging

Mitingu allows you to tag attendees based on the registration type they choose or how they answer your questions. Use this to customise their ongoing registration to provide a quick and effective signup process, asking only the questions most relevant to them.

You might want VIP attendees to only be offered a deluxe room booking option or choose from different menu options. You may want to flag attendees requesting parking or hotel accommodation. It is all easily achieved with Mitingu's unique auto tagging features.