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Stay engaged with your attendees via event surveys

Creating a survey tailored to each attendee takes minutes with Mitingu's survey tool.

The survey dashboard

The survey dashboard gives you a visual display of attendee responses, making it easy to present the results to your colleagues or clients.

Download the survey report as a spreadsheet for a detailed analysis.

View free text answers at the click of a button to gauge attendee feedback.

Email survey requests

Schedule email survey requests before, during or after the event. Include an anonymous link for attendees who are happy to respond without revealing who they are.

Personalise your surveys

Make the survey relevant by showing or hiding questions based on the attendee's tags. Build an even more detailed profile of each attendee by tagging them based on responses to survey questions.

Copy survey forms

No need to recreate a form that you've already used. At the click of a button, copy an entire form or just part of it from a previous event and edit if required.