Queuing/standing in line

The first written description of people standing in line (in a queue if you’re British) is found in an 1837 book, The French Revolution: A History by Thomas Carlyle. Carlyle described what he thought was a strange sight: people standing in an orderly line to buy bread from bakers around Paris.

A long wait to get into an event can be frustrating for the delegate and cause a huge bottleneck at check-in for the organiser. We have a solution and it’s called Facial Recognition.


The world’s fastest check-in with speeds up to five times quicker than conventional methods. No scanning, no wearables.


Greet delegates by their name with the confidence that those who do not belong will be flagged by the system.


First impressions count and facial recognition at your event check-in leaves your delegates with the “WOW” factor.

The delegate journey

  1. The delegate registers online and uploads a headshot photo as part of the registration process, or the delegate registers online and receives an email prompt to opt-in for facial recognition check-in;

  2. The delegate arrives at the event, goes to the check-in booth and is immediately identified with a personalised welcome message;

  3. A badge is printed at the same time as check-in (optional).

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The organiser journey

  1. Set up event timings, dates & registration fields online;

  2. Set image upload function;

  3. Set up onsite kiosks or computers with cameras;

  4. That’s it! All set and ready to go

FAQs about facial recognition

+ Is my delegate information safe?

Privacy of the end user is our highest concern and primary core value. We comply with privacy regulations (including GDPR) and contractually oblige our partners and clients to the same standards. We have implemented strict security protocols and use compliant cloud service providers to safeguard your data. All system communications go through encrypted connections. Once we extract the face geometries the images are instantly discarded (never stored). As an added safety measure, our system automatically destroys all metadata (including the face geometries) after the end of your event.

+ Do we have to run event registration through Mitingu?

No, although we offer integrated image upload for facial recognition as part of the Mitingu platform, we can also offer this as a standalone service if your event registration is through another provider.

+ Is it expensive?

No. Even though this is the newest technology available, it is more affordable compared with RFID and Beacon. Our team will work with you to find the right workflow and options to fit your budget. You can use your own devices (most smartphones, tablets, or laptops suffice) or rent them from us.

+ How long does it take to identify an attendee?

Our system can identify people in milliseconds! The total transaction time for your attendees (including check-in and live badge printing) is typically 7 seconds or less. We will even train your staff on requirements and operations so everything goes smoothly.