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November Product Update

We have added some great new features that our customers have been requesting. 


You can now easily accept donations rather than only offering a fixed registration / ticket price. When setting up a new event simply tick the 'This registration type is a donation' checkbox (see above) and your registration cost becomes a suggested donation amount that can be edited by your customers at the point of sale. If you have a minimum cost per registration, simply add that cost as a fee by editing the registration/ticket type after creating the event.

Attendee Details

Although most business events will want to capture their attendee's name and other information we do have many events (especially entertainment events) where you just need to sell tickets. You can now simply untick 'Require attendee details' (see above) when setting up an event and your attendees will skip the details page when registering and go straight to the checkout page.

Scheduled Event Emails

We recently added the ability to schedule emails before, during and after your event. You can choose a custom designed template, edit the content and schedule the send based on contact tags and who has or hasn't registered giving you a powerful way to schedule reminders and send individually tailored messages to your contacts based on their registration information.

To get started checkout our article in the support site.

Custom Themes

We quietly rolled out this powerful new feature a few weeks ago. At the moment you can create and customise the templates for your order emails, tickets, invitations, reminders etc with full HTML/CSS editor access. This is just a phase one and in the coming months we will be adding the ability to have full HTML/CSS control over your registration pages.

Our templates are easily created using the same liquid templating system used by sites such as Shopify. To get started creating your own theme checkout the article on our support site.

Engagement Scores

As delegate engagement is core to what we want to achieve with Mitingu, we've added a new metric for you to quickly see the engagement of each of your contacts. The engagement score is calculated when you invite to, or email contacts about, an event. It is then calculated based on how they engage both with the email and the event itself. You can now find the engagement scores as a traffic light icon on each contact in your contact list.