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Get Intelligent...with Mitingu's newest features

When building event registration forms in the past, have you ever thought it would be clever if the form questions could change based on an attendee’s selection or preferences? We did. We wondered why most online event registration platforms don’t offer this or if they do, why is the solution often very basic and rigid. We couldn’t find a good enough reason for why this is normally the case and set out in an attempt to recreate the standard for event registrations. In doing so we’ve developed a few new features.

If you’re a Mitingu user, you’ll be familiar with our tagging feature. If you’re new to Mitingu (welcome!), tagging enables you to literally tag attendees so that you can communicate with them in a more individual way or to help plan your events. Our new intelligence feature means you can now tag attendees based on their registration type in order to display or hide particular questions at the registration stage. For example, if your attendee registers as a VIP you can set questions to appear for only this type of registrant. You might want VIP attendees to only be offered a deluxe room booking option or choose from different menu options. You might want to find out their reason for attending as a VIP in order to use this information when marketing VIP tickets in the future.

How you decide to use it and the options for this feature are endless depending on how intelligent you want to get. What it means for attendees is a targeted, unique experience right from the registration stage. For you, this gives your brand and event a great first impression! It also means you can save time and money by getting all the important answers you need at this point rather than sending an email or subsequent questionnaire following an attendee’s registration.

If you build a brilliant form for an event, when you come back to organize your next event using Mitingu, you can now copy across forms from your previous events. This is great if you organise a recurring event where your questions will always be the same.

Our new features are designed to add a level of intelligence to event registration in order to benefit you and your attendees. Sign in now to start building your intelligent form for your next event or create a free account (we don’t ask for payment information) to take a snoop around and try it out.