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What kind of event planner, coordinator or manager are you?

We’ll be honest. This is a loaded question because no matter how you answer we can shamelessly plug Mitingu as the answer! What we’re trying to boldly say is that Mitingu can be used for any type of event from a conference to a gig at a local pub, a by-donation charity gala to a training workshop, or even a cooking class or family BBQ.

At the heart of all of these events are people. These events need people to attend in order to be a success and that’s just what Mitingu focuses on - driving event registrations to maximize your event success. We’ve also kept it really simple so that you can have your event up and running in minutes and start accepting RSVPs or registrations right away. And it’s definitely worth mentioning that our pricing structure is one of the most flexible and competitive on the market.

The next time you’re planning any of the following remember to look us up;


Networking Events

Music & Festivals

Community Events


Classes & Workshops

Charity Events

Sports Events

Although we don’t like to use our blog to talk about ourselves too much, we thought it was really important to illustrate that any event can be organized with Mitingu. We dare you to find an event that can’t!