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Startup mistakes I've made #1: The field of dreams

I've started several startups over the last few years and I've also had my fair share of failures along the way. In an effort to reflect on these mistakes that I have made but also to turn these failures into a learning experience, I have started blogging about them on my personal blog.

The first of these is probably the most obvious, but also the easiest to turn a blind eye to. The mistake is the field of dreams: "If I build it they will come" mistake.

The mistake is that by building a best of breed app, website, platform, service or whatever that users will find you and use it and your startup will be an immediate success.

The reality is that traction is not only very hard, it also takes time. You need to invest time in connections and networking and you need to create valuable content to help your brand build a following.

You can read more in the original and full post here. I have made many mistakes over the years, so I'll be blogging more on this in the coming weeks and months.