6 Event Planning Apps That Will Actually Save You Time

If you are a marketer, if you are doing something related to marketing and event planning, you surely have to know that things in this industry are dynamic. The trends can change in no time, you have to anticipate it all and your schedule is hence really busy. Of course, when your schedule is busy, you always look for ways to save time. Because time is money, right? Well, if you’re having difficulties hosting and planning events, or you’d just want to make your life easier and save yourself some time, take a look at these six useful apps that will help you do it.


Is it time to brainstorm ideas with your team? You guys want your event to be perfect but it’s kind of hard to gather around and stay updated? Well, have no fear, Basecamp is here to help. Basecamp is essentially a project management app, it is easy to use and hence quite user-friendly. Create task, assign them to your employees on the go. Basecamp will keep you posted by automatically sending notifications to your mail. You’ll know exactly what happened and when. It’s efficient, the interface is great, it looks nice and it is quite affordable.


Don’t let your ideas slip your mind ever again? Something awesome came to your mind about your upcoming event, something that will make it better but it slipped? You can’t remember it anymore? Well, if you have Evernote, you’ll be able to write everything down on the go, this app allows you to capture, organize and share notes. There will be no need for you to plow through your bag looking for notebooks, folders, etc. Amenities that come with Evernote are numerous. You can save idea files, guest lists, vendor quotes, menus, to-do lists, etc. Basically, you can save everything important on Evernote.


Event planners have heard of this app. That is guaranteed. If you haven’t, listen up. Doodle is an app that links to your calendar and always keeps you one step ahead of your appointments. There are numerous features that save time and make your life easier. One of them is called MeetMe and that feature will allow you to accept personal meetings online. If you need to arrange a meeting with a client, this app will enable you to do it quickly. Doodle really is one of the best apps that help with event planning out there. Be sure to check it out.


Are you tired of repetitive tasks? Did you know that event planners use more than 4 tech tools to help them with event planning? Well, consider every app from this list since every single one is good in its own way. The story isn’t different for Zapier. Zapier lets you automate repetitive tasks, you can create automated workflows (they are called Zaps). That’s how you deal with time-consuming work. You hate pulling attendee contact info every time from the scratch? Zapier can automatically get that contact information for you when you connect your CRM to your email marketing tool. Useful, right?


Do you like spreadsheet-style event management? If so, you’ll adore Smartsheet. This app really redesigns spreadsheets. It’s like classic spreadsheets but only 2.0. You will have the benefits of tracking projects, assigning tasks, your sheets can be edited through Outlook. Your team members will be easy to contact, you can easily hold discussions about the event or current planning stage. Event planning has never been easier with spreadsheets, umm, smartsheets. It is worth taking a look at.

Planning Pod

This app is one of the most robust event planning apps out there. You can do promotion, check-in, you can really manage your event through this app swiftly. There are 30+ implemented into this platform and there is really no surprise that this app exudes efficiency. Of course, it is not free but you can have a free trial before committing. Planning Pod puts focus on placing your most important info into a centralized dashboard. This way you’ll stay on track while you plan your event. It saves time, boosts productivity, makes communication with team members easy.


We are living in the age of technology, take advantage of it. It’s there to make our lives easier. Well, make your job easier and become a valuable asset at the same time.