Mitingu white label, gives your company its very own events software without the time and financial investment of creating your own. Your customers will never know we're here, but you'll be safe in the knowledge that we're with you all the way.


Admin interface

You get a branded event management platform with your own domain and logo.

Your users won't see any Mitingu badges, but we will be there in the background supporting you.


Create great looking event sites

Easy set up

Set up event sites and email communications in a fraction of the time and cost taken to build a bespoke solution.

Your own themes

Create your own event email and website site themes in line with company or event branding. A selection of templates branded to you are included to get you started. Your web designers can also let their creative juices run freely by building your own HTML/CSS templates. The functionality to set up event pages and emails in more than one language is included too, so your attendees can engage with you in their language of choice.

Manage your events from one place

See the complete picture. Create individual accounts for departments, locations or clients, keeping their data segregated and secure. Determine which functions each account and/or user has access to.


Popular template language

We use the same template language that was developed for Shopify and now commonly used across the web. Not only is it easy for your web designers to use, we also have a team of designers and developers on hand too.


User access levels

Set access levels based on the user and what they need to see and do. As well as setting the user access levels, go one step further and select which events they can view or edit.


Event data

Get a high level view of all events or create custom reports per event. Include an optional report scheduler function so the required information is automatically sent to selected recipients on a one off or regular basis.

Simplify the display for ease of use by selecting which reporting elements you want to view per event.

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We'll give you the expertise

Receive comprehensive training on how to create and build successful event sites and personalised communications.

You’re safe with us

We take care of the hosting and maintenance so you can concentrate on delivering a great event. Our ISO 27001 certified hosting service is based in the UK, so complies with the Data Protection Act, applicable to all countries in the EU (including EEA).

One monthly invoice

One monthly invoice makes it easy for you to budget event registration and communications into the overall cost.

Get your own events platform

Implementation is quick and easy. We'll give you the skills and knowledge you need to effectively create and build great looking, effective event sites and communications. Click on the button below to complete the contact form and apply for your very own platform.