Falling in line is good for your brand

Mothers’ Day was fast approaching so John decided to login to Moonpig (other custom card builders are available!) and get to work on creating a special card for his mum with the personal touch.

The colour palette in the tool allowed him to choose from a huge range of colours and he eventually went for a deep pink and lilac combo because his Mum likes them. He also had a large range of fonts to choose from and he went for Montserrat for the heading and good old Arial for the main body.

Needless to say, when John’s mum opened the card there were smiles all round. She felt good which made John feel good too.

Now that he was a graphic design guru, John decided to use his new talent at his day job as an event manager for ABC Consulting. He was responsible for putting together a registration web site, for a conference ABC was organising.

John logged into his account on his ABC’s event site building software and got to work. A few hours later he was done. He’d created a “masterpiece”. With a flourish of confidence, he pressed “go live” on the site and sat back.

He checked it an hour later to see how many had registered. No-one. 

He tried again an hour later. Still no-one.

The next morning, he rushed down to his laptop on the kitchen table as soon as he woke up. Still nothing. He felt a sense of mild panic. This wasn’t going to plan.

When he got to work that morning, he asked a couple of friends in confidence what they thought was going on. The penny dropped the moment his friend Jack asked:

“Whose event site is that?”

It hit him like a ton of bricks. He’d designed the site he thought looked great. He hadn’t built an ABC Consulting site. He hadn’t used any of the brand colours, styles of fonts that ABC uses. He had gone off piste and unleashed his new inner graphic designer.

It was a nice looking site, but it didn’t look anything like ABC Consulting. That confused site visitors who left rather than sign up.

John felt an idiot. He’s learned a simple lesson the hard way.

It’s your well-known brand that attracts your punters. Not your new design skills. Brands remain powerful by people being disciplined about their use. That’s what a company’s brand guidelines do. They are there for a reason.

At Mitingu we’re a bit obsessed about great looking event registration sites. We spend all our time trying to think of better ways to help you create awesome registration sites for your events. Unlike John, our tools will help you keep communications and style on brand, every time.

If you can bear to put your inner graphic designer to one side for a few minutes, come and have a look at our next generation event editor. It will help you build great looking branded event sites, so your events will sell out faster than an umbrella salesman at a wet festival.

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