Sign Out’s gold dust's gold dust.  It’s a big statement, but we believe it’s one of the most important ways for a business or individual to reach their goals and succeed. We all know that knowing your market is great and knowing your customers is key. Having knowledge of both sets businesses apart from the rest.

While chewing the fat over lunch with my two business partners we applied this theory to the event space and came up with this overarching question and answer; What is generally the required outcome of a business event ? Sales and information.

Mitingu is a cloud based platform that enables - no, it empowers! - event organisers setting up registration sites to engage with their attendees before, during and after the event... all the time collecting information gold dust for their future use. We can’t guarantee event organisers who run an event through Mitingu will generate more sales (as much as we’d love to). However, what we can guarantee is that, by using our powerful data collection and intelligence features, they will have more and better information about their clients and prospects at their finger tips.

Our goal is to help businesses increase sales opportunities by building a full data profile on event attendees. We want to make 'databases' with just a name, address and email a thing of the past! Data obtained from events via our platform provides business development teams that gold dust, information, and gives them a whole lot more to talk about with clients and prospects, including new avenues to sell or simply to strengthen business loyalty.

Going back to my headline… we actually believe information is better than gold dust. Gold dust has value to its owner only once, at it's point of sale. Information, on the other hand, can be used time and time again to drive more sales, build better relationships and most importantly, create a great business.

There are some fantastic tools out there to gather, store and use information including social media, marketing automation and good old face to face meetings. Why not add Mitingu to that list now?

If you’d like to find out more about how we use data intelligence to build profiles of your event attendees that can be used for but not limited to;  ongoing events, marketing or customer service then drop me a line and I’d be more than happy to show you how.

Greg Wood, Co-founder

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Gold Dust

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