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Personalisation and Event Marketing: What’s the True Value?

We’re all in agreement that information is the gold dust of the business world. Yes? But how can you use this gold dust as an event marketer, coordinator or manager to see tangible value and results? And just how valuable can this information prove to be?

Targeted marketing, as a strategy, as you know isn’t ground-breaking. It’s been with us for a number of years and many marketers within various industries have adapted their tools, skills and knowledge in order to market to customers in this way. However, a recent article and survey demonstrated that, whilst marketers fully believe in the importance of personalisation, the number of those who feel that they are executing personalised marketing tactics and communication well, is astonishingly low.

Why? If your current event communications rely only on basic personalisation, you may be finding that your open rates, click through and engagement is steady and acceptable when compared against the industry standard. The saying, “If its not broken, why fix it?” may be true for your situation, especially if you manage a number of areas and elements for your events. You likely don’t have the time to become, what feels like, a data analyst in order to deliver highly personalised event communications or content to your audience. And don’t worry at all if this is you, two thirds of your marketing peers think this way too.

But what if we told you that a highly personalised event email results in six times higher transaction rates? Or a personalised website experience for your event attendee could improve sales by 19%? Pretty compelling stuff. But we know that there are challenges for event marketers to be able to create highly tailored event communications based on the information that an attendee submits when registering for an event. Challenges such as data quality, data saved across disparate files and systems, inability to link different tools or expertise.

With this in mind, especially those compelling stats we shared, our final question is; what if we said we could help you overcome these challenges and unlock the value that personalisation offers? As we said in our last blog, these are just some of the challenges that our platform is able to overcome in order to help you get the gold - the value - from your event marketing or communication activities in a simple way without a huge price-tag attached.

A personalised event webpage based on an individual registrant’s job title, conference programme choices and industry, could sound like a huge and almost impossible task to create without the right platform and tools in place. This is just one example of how Mitingu can take the personalisation of your event communication and marketing to the next level, seeing your registrant engagement rates, ticket sales and repeat/loyal event attendees increase.

Image Credit: ©Death to the Stock Photo CC