Delegate Data: Two of the biggest reasons to utilise it

Utilising event data

I recently read a really interesting article on how a major UK retailer could and should utilise the customer data they collect to increase footfall into stores and drive more revenue through their online store.

It got me thinking about how event organisers could utilise the delegate data they collect to both enhance the event experience and share wider within their organisation to help build profiles of both existing and prospective clients.

1. Enhance the event experience

The event registration process gives you a perfect opportunity to collect all the information you need to ensure you’re creating a great experience for each and every delegate. That experience may have already been kicked off with event invitations or promotional material. The registration process can fine tune that experience to make it really relevant to the individual delegate. For example, if you already have some basic information about them, this gives you the opportunity to tailor their registration process. It goes without saying that if you know their name, email address, job title etc, then you shouldn’t be asking them to tell you again, their event registration form should be pre-populated with their details allowing them to edit easily if necessary.

A good registration process and effective event communications such as email and SMS leave the delegate with a great impression before the event has even started.

At Mitingu we know that abandonment rates at registration stage drop significantly when intelligent registration forms are used.

What does that mean?

Make and keep it relevant, not unnecessarily long. Mitingu allows the event organiser to create intelligent forms, personalised to the individual that only requires them to answer questions that are relevant to them. Mitingu filters based on what we already know as well as what they have just told us. If you’d like to see how, get in touch and we’ll quickly run you through how it works.


2. Build delegate profiles and share with the wider business


When a delegate registers to attend an event, they are generally more than happy to share additional information that they might be more cagey about sharing in the initial sales process. There are a number of reasons to attend an event, but most delegates will go to learn something new and/or network to benefit them and their business.

If a delegate is keen to attend an event, they know part of the registration process is to supply information about them and their business so it’s a good value exchange.

If you’re asking questions about their annual budget for products or services that fall into your business’s category, who is the decision maker, their buying cycle and preferences of how they like to be contacted, then it makes perfect sense to share this information with the wider business.

Likewise, if they complete a post-event survey then all of that data could and should be shared with the business to build the profile and turn a prospective client into an actual one or develop an existing client into an even better one.

The quickest and easiest way to do this is to integrate your event registration platform with your business’s CRM platform...we can help there too!

Alternatively, if an integration doesn’t fit in with your immediate plans, with Mitingu it’s easy to export the exact information you need and upload into your CRM.

We recognise the importance of delegate data which is why we have created a platform that makes it so easy to utilise data to enhance the event experience and build profiles of your delegate for continued use.