How events can help grow your print business

Before I began my journey with Mitingu, I ran a digital print business. About 8 years ago I had doubts about the longevity of print... how wrong was I ?! Print is the perfect physical communications tool and combined with technology and complimentary digital channels, the only limit to what you can do with it is simply one’s creativity.

There are lots of printers out there that have the technology and skill to make their clients’ communications come alive. The issue is there are far fewer who actually tell their clients and prospects what they can do and how they can help improve marketing ROI and cost efficiencies (via print on demand).

This is where running onsite, local and national events come into their own. It gives the print business the opportunity to inform, add value and raise awareness of what they can do and how they can help.

If you are one of those printers out there that thinks you don’t have the time or budget to organise one event, yet alone a number of regular events, I completely get that because I felt exactly the same! When I finally got round to organising an event (an open house), it opened my eyes to the opportunity. We attracted existing clients and some prospects who until that point we hadn’t managed to have a conversation with. We found out their actual pain points and got the opportunity to demonstrate how we could help them. The event gave us the opportunity to strengthen existing relationships and build new ones.

The great news is that it doesn’t have to cost lots of time and money to organise and manage a professional event for your business.

Mitingu can help printers or any type of business with event marketing, registration and ongoing communications from one platform. Here’s how… 

1. A mobile responsive event registration and marketing site - your branding, your URL..not ours!

branded event site

2. Event emails - invitations, booking confirmations, reminders, survey requests...personalised, branded and relevant to each recipient.

custom event emails

attendee management

3. Attendee management - plan ahead by seeing who’s coming and what they hope to get out of the event (use the registration form to get valuable information such as that).

4. Analytics - see important metrics like registrations versus invitations, email response rates and total bookings and revenue (if you’re charging people to attend).

event analytics

5. Integrated payments -take card payments online as part of the registration process.


6. Share on social media - helps to generate registrations and interest in your event.

7. Check-in - a professional way to check attendees in via an iOS and Android app. Their status is upgraded in the event admin attendee list, so you know who has made it on the day and who hasn't.

event check in

8. Surveys - your chance to collect more valuable attendee data to help you understand their pain points and how you can help them. It's also an opportunity to get their honest feedback on the event which can be used to refine the next event so it's even better! 


Print has a great future, especially if it utilises technology such as web to print and cross media marketing software. 

Events could be one of your business’s biggest opportunities to get the message out there and we’d love to help.